Welcome to the Promise Land Family Fun Farm Website


We are pleased to introduce you to Promise Land Family Fun Farm, a family operated, interactive farm owned by Don and Cheryl Dowswell. Our farm is located at 640 Hamilton Road, between Trenton and Belleville and offers a 10 acre petting farm with multiple play areas for children.

The spring and summer is such an exciting time of year for us at the farm! It provides an excellent environment for children to learn and grow by experience. The season gives way to many babies being born as well as seeing our animals shed their winter coats and come out of hiding from the winter months.

Our farm is home to many different kinds of animals, many of which can be fed and petted. The grounds are fully enclosed with an open concept, giving children the ability to move freely between the animals, playgrounds and other exhibits.

All this fun can definitely work up an appetite as well, so you can order your lunch from Nan’s Place; a food truck located on the farm. You can see one of our staff to place your order and enjoy in our petting farm area. serves yummy hot dogs, hamburgers, french fries and sausages, all from local vendors. Also the snack shack is sure to crush any craving with drinks, snacks and ice cream.

There are informative signs on the outside of each pen that includes a picture and some facts about each animal. The staff on hand are also very eager to introduce you to our variety or farm animals.

We have two play areas on Promise Land Farm plus a dedicated birthday party area. This includes our train station playground with a 56 foot train climber, our ‘bus depot’ with a life-sized tractor-hay wagon climber.

Promise Land Farm offers souvenir hats and t-shirts as well as local crafts made specifically for the farm.

>Are you looking for something fun to do as a family? Then come to Promise Land Farm where you can relax, where you can have a bite to eat and where your children can play and experience our many farm animals in a safe, enclosed environment.